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Thermal Lens in assorted EVS goggle Lenses
HK Army KLR Goggle Bag
Our Price: $12.00
The Empire EVS thermal lens has a distortion free spherical shape with 270-degree field of vision, the dual-pane lens creates a thermal barrier to reduce fogging. VForce Grills HDR Lens Protect your KLR and Pure Lens system with the all new HK Army Goggle Bag.
VForce Grill Lens
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $24.95
Savings: $5.00
**Goggles Not Included **Goggles Not Included
**Goggles Not Included
The KLR PURE Lens System is composed of virgin optical-grade GE polycarbonate--inherently UVA \ UVB and IR shielded, every KLR lens shields your eyes from dangerous sunlight in every playing condition.
Pure Lens
The Pure interior thermal lens features 3M Foam Sealant, trapping a layer of cool barrier of insulating air, eliminating condensation and encouraging evaporative cooling.
Compatible with eFlex, eVent, Avatar and Helix Masks.
Years of research and development have been poured into VForce's Dual-Pane Thermal Repacement Lenses. The result is a thermoformed lens that maintains VForce's standard of distortion free optics and special anti-fog technologies